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Alabama Academy of Eye Physicians and Surgeons

Your Contribution Matters

2020-09-08 13:14 | Anonymous

Because of the unprecedented nature of the disruption to everyone’s financial status, early in the course of the pandemic the leadership of ALAO decided to temporarily halt any fundraising campaigns, knowing that our core constituency was focused on more important things. But, and there is always a but, we also have to be pragmatic and we know that the issue of inappropriate scope expansion will not go away.

Our advocacy team assures us that those who seek to reach equivalence to you through legislation have not given up. We will face what is likely to be a very aggressive push for dangerous expansion of surgery to non-surgeons when the 2021 Alabama Legislature starts.

So despite the fact that we are all still in the midst of fighting the pandemic, we must again turn our attention to the threat at hand.

I need two things from each of you. First, contact your state senator and representative and tell them why "Surgery by Surgeons" is a no-compromise position from us. Take them to coffee, call them, whatever it takes to get that message across. We will be working with the Medical Association of the State of Alabama and our advocacy team to set up video conferences with legislators as well.

Second, pay your membership dues and make a contribution to either our PAC or Surgical Scope Defense Fund (or both!) PAC contributions must be reported to the Alabama Secretary of State but SSDF contributions are not. If you have concerns about your name getting out, give to the SSDF. We cannot use these funds for campaign contributions, but we will put them to good use supporting our advocacy efforts.

Our website allows one-time and recurring donations. Even if you had signed up before, because we changed banks after the first of this year, you will need to go to the site and reenter your donation information.

Our 2021 Membership Dues year will open on Oct. 1, with statements being sent out in January. You may go online anytime after Oct. 1 to pay your dues.

Your membership and your donations make us strong in the fight against scope of practice infringement. Please thoughtfully consider donating today!

Russell W. Read, MD, PhD

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